Schedule & Logistics


4:00pm - Arrival, Write Blessings, Eat and Craft
Plan time to park and either walk or catch a ride to the house.
Snack, drink, and give yourself a tour of Twin Oaks by following the chickens, petting the great danes, wandering through the mini-orchard or sitting in the cedar house.
Create your written blessing at the craft table for the Blessing Circle (or bring your written blessing from home!)

5:15pm- Blessing Circle & Book Share. Festivities begin!
We will all sit together. Guests, please either bring or create on site a Written Blessing for Gab, Sam, and Baby Bubnick Sharkey. Blessings can be hopes, wise words, stories, or anything else you would like to share with us and our growing family. We would love to hear your blessing aloud! Either way, please drop it into the box that Gabby & Sam will have with them as they circle around. All the collected blessings will be put into a scrapbook we will cherish for years to come!

6:30pm- Break. Whenever we are finished with the circle. Please EAT!
Snack up on homemade pizza, fresh veggies, hummus, Slovenian cookies and other goodies.
Stop by the craft table to add a flag to our nursery pendant garland, and whatever other fun craft ideas we come up with.
Wander around and say hi!
We may open gifts during this time if there is a small pile, but we more want to socialize with all of YOU!

8:00pm- Give us hugs before you go (but stay as late as you want!)

8:30pm- Bonfire
If you want to start the fire or volunteer to bring s'mores fixins', let us know! We'll be here until Sam's mama-body tells her it's time to go to bed.

Activities TBA

Food TBA


Parking at Twin Oaks Farm is limited. We are expecting 30-40 guests, so please plan to park off-site if possible.

Option A: Park in nearby neighborhoods, walk to the farm.

Hickory Hills (Bridlepath Lane) and Evergreen Hills (Spruce Dr) are neighborhoods less than a 1/8 mile walk from the beginning of the 1/4 long Sharkey driveway. Street parking is available. Stay tuned for maps of the best places to park, and be prepared to walk uphill on the driveway!

Option B: Park at the Denison Mitchell Recreation & Athletic Center in town. We'll pick you up!

Let us know in your RSVP if you'd like to park in downtown Granville on Denison's beautiful campus. We'll pick you up there and get you to the farm by 5:15pm at the latest, and drop you off in the evening when you're ready to go! Contact Gabby and/or Sam for details.

Option C: Park on site.

Please let us know if you need to park on site, and we will happily accommodate. Parking is limited due to the hills and ample flora! Contact Gabby and/or Sam for details.