Registry & Gifts

Your presence is the gift- thank you for being a part of our lives!

Baby gifts are optional. If you want to give something, please consider the following items...

Beloved Books

Pick any book, well-loved or brand new, and sign the inside cover with a note from you!
Kid and/or adult books appreciated.


We do need new stuff, too! Help us out by buying cloth diaper inserts, bidet attachments for our toilet, and all sorts of other essential newborn items. The minimalist in us is very grateful (and in only slight distress)!

Secondhand Items

Reduce, reuse, and spread the love. Maybe it's a registry item you scoop up at a garage sale, a perfect used rocking chair, or thrift store burping cloths. Consider sharing a more personal piece of you with our family by passing it on. (Hint: maybe a book?!)

Monetary contributions to our family fund are always welcome, too. They'll go to house renovations, our babymoon in Portugal next summer, and baby's savings account!