Gabby & Sam's

Baby Shower & Family Blessing

Twin Oaks Farm
(the Sharkey homestead)

Saturday, June 25
2191 Welsh Hills Rd Granville, OH 43023


Parking at Twin Oaks Farm is limited. We are expecting 30-40 guests, so please plan to park off-site if possible.

Option A: Park in nearby neighborhoods, walk to the farm.

Hickory Hills (Bridlepath Lane) and Evergreen Hills (Spruce Dr) are neighborhoods less than a 1/8 mile walk from the beginning of the 1/4 long Sharkey driveway. Street parking is available. Stay tuned for maps of the best places to park, and be prepared to walk uphill on the driveway!

Option B: Park at the Denison Mitchell Recreation & Athletic Center in town. We'll pick you up!

Let us know in your RSVP if you'd like to park in downtown Granville on Denison's beautiful campus. We'll pick you up there and get you to the farm by 5:15pm at the latest, and drop you off in the evening when you're ready to go! Contact Gabby and/or Sam for details.

Option C: Park on site.

Please let us know if you need to park on site, and we will happily accommodate. Parking is limited due to the hills and ample flora! Contact Gabby and/or Sam for details.

4:00pm - Arrival, Write Blessings, Eat and Craft

5:15pm- Blessing Circle. Festivities begin!

6:30pm- Break. Whenever we are finished with the circle. Please EAT!

8:00pm- Give us hugs before you go (but stay as late as you want!)

8:30pm- Bonfire

See the Schedule tab for a detailed schedule and activities descriptions

Life Updates

Baby ("TBD" Bubnick Sharkey)

Is due on July 23rd, but we're expecting an August arrival since first babies usually come 10 days late. We're "homebirth hopeful", as our doula and midwife say, but are less than 5 minutes from the hospital should that become necessary (but in almost 95% of cases, it doesn't)!
We're excited to let the gender be a surprise and have some names picked out in either case. We're most excited to just meet our little "bee boo", as we've been calling them, when they arrive!


Since the first date, we've exchanged dreams of urban farming and hobby homesteading. Our dream is coming to life at our new house! We're jointly purchasing 2/3 of an acre on a quiet street on the south side of Columbus with a creek, old growth trees, and lots of room to play outside. The house itself is being completely renovated by a great team to restore the all-original hardwood floors, giant windows, and add modern conveniences like brand-new HVAC and water heater. The fewer things to worry about with a baby on the horizon, the better! We're honored that our good friends, Sarah and James, will be our neighbors and share in the outdoorsy fun (thanks for the house tip, y'all)! We move into our new place in July or August, RIGHT as bee boo is born. Let the adventure begin!
(p.s. have we lost our urban edge? Directions to the house include "go south on High St and take the first left after 'House of Babes'!" We still feel a bit gritty.)

Family (Gabby & Sam)

We're stoked to start this new phase of our lives! With our two dogs (Sagan and Georgie), new homestead, and new bee boo, life is only getting more crazy and more fun from here.
Look for wedding invites next summer, when we hope to marry on our beautiful new property!